Thursday, April 7, 2016

Urban Renewal (DRAFT)

The old buildings disappeared,
for want of something new,
something modern.

Throwing away the old brick and stone,
molded woodwork
and plaster,
yesteryears’ buildings

The race to forget the old ways,
 to shed histories and to begin anew 
            with better technology and materials
was the all-important goal.
Now there is a city, 
best forgotten by the way it looks and feels.
Concrete vaults that house offices,
sprawling empty malls and
cratered            parking               lots.

Gone is the character,
the individuality of the buildings,
only available 
                    in washed out, 
                                  grainy photos 
of which we stare longingly---
for the good old days.

Urban renewal? 
More like urban sepsis.

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