Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Practice Has Begun!

It’s been a couple weeks, but I have started rehearsals for my chorus part in the play “Spoon River Anthology”.  I even have a solo.  I whistle a stanza of “When Johnny Comes Marching Home” at the end of a monologue.  It does sound haunting in the quiet theatre.  I love it!

The music is hard to memorize because it isn’t something I have on disc to practice with in the car, and although I have it on MP3 I can’t seem to get it to transfer to my IPod.  It’s an older model and I’m guessing that is why.  When we practiced as a group I had a partner to sing with, but she is also one of the main characters of the play so last night was the first time I sang without her and it totally sucked!  We kind of carried each other. 

I also found out last night that I need to find an outfit that would have passed in 1915.  We’re talking a dress or a blouse and skirt, shoes and a hat or hairstyle.  This I’m kind of freaking out about because I have no idea what to look for.  I’ve gone on-line and searched 1915 Women’s Fashions and I’ve gotten ideas but I’m not sure where to find them.  One of my friends suggested thrift shops and I will look there but I can never find anything!  However, I will try.
I'm partial to the one in the middle
I tried to prepare my boyfriend for the temporary loss of me.  I’m going to be practicing for the next three weeks almost every night.  He’s pretty bummed about it – he loses his Jeopardy partner more than he would like, but he knows it is temporary and it will be worth it in the end.

Meanwhile, I am loving being on stage again!  The nerves, the bravado – seeing the acting, feeling the emotion, putting stories together, real and make believe.  The actors are awesome – all community members with the love of acting as a common trait.  Some with amazing talent, but all with something to offer.

Yes, it’s good to be back on the stage.