Friday, October 23, 2015

Puppy Mill Stupidity

Nothing gets my panties in a bunch more than stupidity.  Let me say this, once and for all – it is stupid to buy a puppy from a pet store, and here is why.  You are not getting a puppy from a responsible and certified breeder.  You are getting a puppy from a puppy mill. 
When you tell me that you went in to the pet store and all the puppies were clean, meaning they must not be from a puppy mill, do you realize how dumb you really sound?  Of course they’re clean.  Who wants to spend a thousand dollars on a dirty dog? 

Then you say that by buying one you are saving it from the puppy mill.  No you’re not.  You freed up a space for another puppy mill puppy.  You are the reason there are so many shelter animals.  You and the others that think the way you do.  If you go to a pet store that doesn’t try to re-home shelter dogs, then you are, in fact, contributing to the problem. 
Ever been to a puppy mill?  I haven’t, but I’ve seen the videos.  I’ve read the investigative articles.  I’ve seen the pictures.  Do you realize the moms are bred until they are broken?  They don’t get recovery time like a responsible breeder’s bitch would.  There isn’t any breeding of the finest with the finest, there is the mentality that we’ll breed what we have, without a care for the consequences. 

Designer dogs?  Yup, they have the mutts your looking for.  So do the shelters. 
If you saw the lives these puppies live before they get to the pet store you would want these places shut down.  They live in wire cages. They are taken from their mothers too soon, stunting their socialization skills. 
A lot of people will say that they got their puppies from a pet store and they were fine.  Good for them.  The practice is wrong and outdated.  If you want a purebred dog go to a responsible breeder.  Do your homework.  Check references.  Go to a breed specific rescue.  Spend some time there.  Let your next dog find you.  Go to your local shelter.  There are kennels full of love just waiting for you.  But for God’s sake, stay away from pet stores.  Let’s shut these places down.  There is no reason for them to exist except to sell supplies.  They should not be allowed to sell animals. 
So please, walk by that shop.  Don’t go in.  And if you do, please educate anyone that might be thinking of purchasing one of those cute fuzzballs that unless they came from a shelter, their mother is living in a cage somewhere with barely enough room to turn around, preparing for her next litter.
Let’s give puppy mills a reason to go out of business.

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