Friday, August 2, 2013

Weiner-Spitzer, Anyone???

Is anyone else sick and tired of Anthony Weiner?  I seriously think he gives hot dogs a bad name.  I think either his wife is a really strong person who can deal with just about anything and holds her wedding vows to her heart, or she’s just very stupid.  Either way, just because she believes in her husband is no reason to vote for him.  Spitzer either.  Is it wrong for me to point out the sexual innuendos both names inspire?  Does anyone else see it?  Weiner Spitzer.  They could make a porn movie together for crying out loud.  They could run together on that ticket. 

What’s scary is that they could win.  They could have the best ideas and the best strategies and they still do not deserve to even run.  By being unfaithful and vulgar to their families they have proven that they cannot be trusted in our government.  I only thank God that Bill Clinton had not had access to a cell phone or digital camera, because I like Bill.  I think Bill was good for our country, and that we did pretty well with him.  I’m not so sure I would have liked him very much had I discovered that he had tweeted his goods to Monica or anyone else for that matter.  The fact is, Bill kept things quiet.  He didn’t advertise as Weiner has done, and he didn’t pay for it with taxpayer money like Spitzer did.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I expect powerful people to have affairs.  Long hours and extended time periods away from home will do that to a man or woman.  Stress relief is key for them to make good decisions and to be on their best behavior in the public eye.  I’m sure most, if not all, of the great presidents or businessmen had affairs.  I also think they respected their families enough to keep it on the down-low.  That all started to change in the Kennedy era and it’s gone downhill ever since.

I think it’s changed partly because the women these men are cheating with feel entitled to more than being the other woman.  They’ve forgotten their place in this picture, which is the whore.  They believe they need to be respected.  Silly ho’s.  Look at Petraeus.  He did a fine job.  He was good at it.  He protected our country.  He had an affair.  It wasn’t love, it was sex, and it should’ve been kept between him, his wife, and his ho(s).  It shouldn’t have become a national scandal and he shouldn’t have lost his job because of it.  It didn’t affect his job.  Problem was his ho.  She thinks it’s ok for her to hold his balls to the wall, and it probably is – in private.  It shouldn’t become a “story” and the press is just making all of these things worse.

America is quickly losing credibility because we give more weight to stories that don’t matter than those that do.  Here is a list for any self-respecting reporter to use as a guide:

Education – how do we get more people invested in our country’s children?
Fracking – how is it good for the environment?
Government - anything
Mental Illness vs. Gun Violence – Ever think that taking care of folks with MI might take care of a lot of the gun crazies, instead of shutting down mental hospitals?
Animal Abuse and the link to Anyone Abuse
Sex – why do we sell it in print and on TV but refuse to talk about it in public?  Why is it good, but bad?

There are a lot others, but those things could keep our reporters thinking instead of looking for dirt.  I’m guessing any self-respecting reporter wants to report on these things instead of Kim and Kanye’s baby name.  Honestly, I don’t think anyone really cares about them anymore.  They’re has-beens.  Anyone will tell them that once you get married or have a kid on TV the sexual tension is ruined for viewers and you go on the back burner.

So, Mr. Weiner, Mr. Spitzer and all the rest of you cheating liars – I hope the citizens of New York, and the rest of the nation, recognize you for who you are – cheating, lying, womanizers that don’t respect anyone, most of all yourselves.  You are not worthy to park our cars if you worked as a valet.  I wouldn’t trust you with mine and I own a 98 Ford Ranger.  No, you are not worthy. 

It’s democrats like you that are making me consider changing my party to independent and voting conservative.