Friday, February 20, 2015

Firing Winter

          Winter has been at my door for the last several months, bright and early, until late in the evening.  It seems like I can’t go anywhere without her being right there and it’s a bit tedious if not completely annoying.  Yesterday I gave her her walking papers.  “You have to go Winter”, I told her with all of the authority I could muster.  Her coldness has worn me down every day.  I don’t think she’s taken one day off in months.  The last several weeks she has been absolutely frigid to everyone and everything.  No one is immune and we are all hoping she’ll go away.  Sooner, rather than later.  When I told her she had to leave she stared me down.  I eventually went down the hall, griped about her to one of my co-workers, grabbed a cup of hot cocoa, and went back to my desk.  I refused to watch for her the rest of the day and then this morning she showed up again!  I wish she would get the hint that no one wants her here!  Of course she loves snowmobiling and ice skating and skiing, but there’s only a select few that will join her.  I do believe the majority want her gone.  If she would just warm up a little she wouldn’t be so bad to have around, but this bitch is cold!