Friday, November 4, 2016

A Kept Woman

Day 4 of the Writer's Digest November challenge: write a poem of a life imagined.

A Kept Woman

A kept woman has an apartment with a view of the city.
She has beautiful clothes and a neat kitchen with a wine rack and a bar.
She sleeps in silk negligees and her makeup is perfect.
Her furniture is top of the line, and everything is paid for, even her.

He visits, but rarely stays.
She listens and nods; murmurs now and then and sympathizes.
She is a haven, a stress-relief, a port in a storm.
She straddles him and does what he (and she) desire.
When he travels he takes her and they pretend they are all they have.
She belongs to him.
She loves him.
And she tells herself he loves her, too.

And when he’s gone,
home to his lovely wife and 2.5 children,
she curls up in the overstuffed chair and cashmere blanket
with a cup of tea and a romance novel,
and she imagines him across from her.

It would be different for them.
He would love her totally,
and she would make sure their home was welcoming and calm.
She would make him dinner every night and
he would make love to her after the children were put to bed.
When he headed out the door
to go back to the office to finish up some forgotten work
she would smile and think
what a great provider he is.

She sighs as she opens her book.

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