Friday, November 4, 2016

If I'd Only Followed Directions (DRAFT)

Yesterday was Day 3 of the Writer's Digest November Challenge.  The prompt was "If I'd Only ________".  Here is my interpretation:

If I’d Only Followed Directions

The directions my parents gave me always seemed so stuffy,
so grown up and
unbelievable to me.
Get an education,
get a job,
meet someone,
fall in love,
get married,
buy a house,
have some kids,
grow old together.
Add in the standard don’t smoke,
drink in moderation,
don’t do drugs.
Mix it up with treat others as you would have done unto you,
turn the other cheek,
always be kind.

All of this would guarantee me a

Except somewhere along the way I messed up
and following directions got screwed around and not for me. 
I was unique and I marched to a different drummer.
I did everything backwards and upside down.

I still look for that picket fence and those children
with the dad that takes care of everyone.
I wonder if he would have made a difference in our lives,
made my life easier,
made it so that I wouldn’t have had to make so many decisions.

Oh, if only I’d listened!

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