Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Help! Need Advice!!!

     Need a little non-writing help here.  
     My grandson and granddaughter steal once in a while.  Never money, but usually something small.  
     This last time they stole candy bars that we were selling for a friend’s daughter to support her skating.  We realized it after they left.  We haven’t spoken to them yet.  
     If it comes down to it, they may be spending their holidays with their parents who are the influence of their behavior.  I don’t want them there because we do all the fun stuff with them and it won’t happen if we don’t take them.  
     The boy is ten, the girl is twelve.  Has anyone dealt with this situation before?  It’s driving me crazy.  I’ve had him bring things back to the store and hand them to the manager, and as far as I know this is his sister’s first time.  
     Last night my boyfriend asked me what I wanted to do, and my response was to cut off one hand.  
     I’m so sick and tired of the disrespect and the disappointment.  They don’t need to steal from us.  They don’t need to steal at all.  Yet they do.  
     Any advice would be appreciated.  Help!!!