Tuesday, November 3, 2015

For Your Own Good

Anxiety rips my chest apart and causes pain in my
heart and
non-stop thoughts in my head about
how I can make everything better,
that kissing your boo-boos will make all the bad stuff go away and
then I realize I can’t fix everything like I used to and
you are an adult with a husband and
children and
you both need to stop acting like kids yourselves and
face up to the fact that he is mentally unstable and
my grandchildren are living in that environment and
getting more and more unstable themselves when they are faced with moving yet again and
this time without more of their stuff even though their father gets to take all of his toys and
the system that is set up to protect them does nothing,
they are left on the wayside again even though
we’ve told their teachers there is something wrong and please,
please report something, anything,
so they might have a halfway decent life, even if it is in a stranger’s home, and
even if we never see them again as long as they’re safe and away from him, and
then maybe you will decide you’ve had enough and
leave him too and
start your life the way you would have had you not decided to leave home at sixteen and…
…then I take a breath.  I think that this will never change.  This story will play out over and over again, and
I need to check out.  I look at the clock. 
Twilight will not make the dark circles under my eyes any brighter. 
I love you, but this is your circus. 
You chose that monkey. 
I will help destroy him, but in doing so, you and I may be destroyed too. 
As a mother
I have to tell you
– it’s for your own good.