Friday, April 17, 2015

PAD Day 16 - Science

Science Lessons


Earth Science –

phosphorus is bad for the bodies of water it gets dumped into

Biology –

fetus pig systems are more like human systems than you realize

and frogs are dropped in formaldehyde alive.

Chemistry –

not my strong point


I didn’t learn much in science class

I wasn’t really interested at the time

Passing notes, looking out the window,

Wondering if I was going to see my crush in the hall

Thinking about the dance

Writing stories in my notebook

Listening to rumors about the science teacher

and how he dated his students

and wouldn’t it be great to get an easy A.

If only he went for the plain girls!


I had to work for my C.

The hard way.


He got caught, years later.

We found out the rumor wasn’t a rumor after all.

Poetic justice?

Maybe, maybe not.

In more scientific terms

the Law of Cause and Effect

finally made sense.