Monday, April 6, 2015

PAD Day 4 - Departure

I’m cold?  You bet.
Keep yelling.  Keep telling me you’re right.
C’mon!  Rub my nose in it!


Think this bothers me?
I really couldn’t care less.  That person left the building long ago.  Kind of like how Elvis disappeared or those kids on milk cartons.
Gone away.  Ba-bye.
Hasta la vista baby.

Still going on and on? 
I see your lips moving blah, blah blah.
Do you not see the vacant look in my eyes?  I must not be trying hard enough.  I would if I cared.
But I don’t,
So I won’t.

Eh, nod my head, smile a little.
you’re right.
it won’t happen.

Thank you.  Thank you so much
enlightening me.

Yes, yes.  Pat me on the head.  Send me on my way.
Hope you feel much better about my sitch now.
As it is,
I’m outie.