Tuesday, April 7, 2015

PAD Day 5 - Vegetable

Room 405

Dying scares me, this scares me more-
Laying in a hospital bed and you keeping score.

The days are marked upon the wall how long will she survive?
She’s still with us at thirteen days!  We’re glad that she’s alive!
At thirty days there is no sign, I have not moved yet.
You pray, you cry, you walk away, our schedule has been set.

You pray for miracles, I pray for death.  You move my arms and my legs,
A mirror shoved under my nose shows my every breath.
Prayers for my recovery have changed for my demise
You’re tired, I get it, but you just don’t realize
I hear you; I feel you, your touch, your breath, your scent
All of your visits you don’t know at all what they have meant!
If I could go, I would leave you now your waiting would finally end
But you hooked me up to this machine hoping I would mend!

It breathes for me, it feeds me too, I’m trapped inside this shell
I know you didn’t mean for this, imprisoned in this hell.
A year goes by and then year two, my vitals always stable
Your tears no longer fall for me, no mercy for this vegetable.