Friday, June 21, 2013

Hey, hey Paula

   Oh Paula, why?  Why did you admit to saying it?  I know you’re honest and you’re a good person.  So do your other fans.  But why admit that you said racially disparaging remarks?

   I think anyone who says they haven’t disparaged another person is a liar, and maybe you were thinking that honesty wins out over all, but we live in a time where being malicious is second nature.  People salivated when they heard you done wrong, and not for your food.  Everyone forgets that they do these things every day, whether it’s calling someone a name, or laughing at someone and not helping them, or re-hashing things that happened deep in someone else’s past.  It happens.  Unfortunately for you, you have your life in the spotlight and can’t just sweep it under the rug.

   The other side of this conundrum is that although it is horrible for you to use a racial slur, it is not only ok, but expected, for certain musicians (rappers) to use it, re-use it, write about it, talk about how bad it is and then use it as a term of endearment when talking to their peers.  Before everyone gets up in arms about that just stop and think about it.  It’s heard everywhere, from comedians to rappers to college students, and it flows off their tongues as if they are asking for directions.  It is the one problem I have when I hear people talk about stereotypes and how we (Caucasians) are the root of all evil when it comes to this.  Very rarely do you hear a white comedian or rapper use the N-word.  They’d get the crap beat out of them. 

   I guess I’m lucky because I haven’t had to really deal with out and out racism.  I’ve been down south and not seen it, although members of my family tell me it’s there.  They know first-hand, as they live there. 

  Paula, you have come through so much.  It’s apparent you made some bad decisions (that party theme, for one), and I hope it doesn’t cause you to lose your livelihood.  If it does, then I hope others from the other side of the coin get their comeuppance too, but I really hope it doesn’t come to that.  You are a beautiful person, with, I believe, a heart of gold.  I saw the show you did with Oprah, when you invited her into your home and shared your cooking with her.  You were so gracious and kind and not at all like social media is making you out to be.