Thursday, June 27, 2013

My Bra

   I’ve been wearing the same bra for years.  I did have two that I wore religiously but it wore out.  No, it didn’t have two big holes in the front.  Nope, don’t wear a big bra.  Let me give you a little history lesson.
   When I was twelve and all my friends were wearing training bras, I asked my mom if I could get one.  The answer was no.  I think one of my sisters told my mom, finally, that I needed a bra and then we went shopping.  I got your regular little girl bra with a little padding to give me some shape.  After that I was on my own.  It’s not that my mom didn’t care.  That’s not what this is about.  I really don’t think she knew how to talk to me so she chose not to.
   Throughout high school I bought my own; flimsy little silky things that didn’t cost much and did nothing for my figure.  When my daughter was born (and I had to have gotten a bra for that expanding time) my sister bought me the most comfortable bra ever and told me to sleep in it.  “You’ll ruin yourself if you don’t” is what she told me.  I don’t know whatever happened to that bra.  I know that I shrunk and it never would fit me again unless I got a boob job.
   Then came the day a friend and I walked into Victoria Secrets.  I actually got measured and bought a bra.  For fifty-some dollars but it fit.  It was a push up demi that made me look, for the first time in my life, like I had cleavage.  It was amazing!  I looked good, I looked a little busty!  Then I got a puppy.  And the puppy loved my bra.  Then one day he chewed it up.
   Now, I still have that puppy ten years later, and I love him dearly, but I’ve never forgiven him for that.  We don’t have a VS store near us and it’s a special trip and the price is so dear.  I went in at Christmas time but it was so busy and with the crowds I was just too anxious to even ask to get fitted.
    After the season I tried to do it myself and bought two bras.  I brought one back and the other one I kept, but I don’t wear it anymore because it made my breasts look misshaped.  I’m back to the black one.  It’s kind of hard because I’m avoiding wearing light colors and in the summer you just feel the need for white!  So I’m going to try again, although I’m not sure when.  I’ve got to call my friend and see if she’s up for a supportive road trip.
   To all the larger busted women out there please know this, manufacturers make bras for you.  Fashion runways may prefer my bra size (small to none), but the stores carry a lot for you ladies.  I’m stuck with sports bras – the training bra for grown women.  I’m looking forward to a good fit, even if it’ll cost me $60.  So wish me luck.  I know I’m not the only woman in the world with this problem, but sometimes it feels like I am.
   I’ve got to go.  My bra needs to be adjusted- again.