Wednesday, June 5, 2013


   Recently, I have noticed that Target and Taco Bell have been throwing some Spanish into their advertising.  Taco Bell I kind of expected it from, as it is a “Mexican” fast food chain.  Target, I believe, is trying to appeal itself to the quickly growing Latino population.  They are starting out, it seems, with Latino music.  On the screen they promote the store with large English words but the language sung in the commercial is Spanish.  I find this unnerving.  Now before some of you cry “racist”, as I’m sure many will*, let me assure you I am all for letting you be you and me be me.  This is not a racist rant.  I am proud of where I come from, and I come from America, where we speak English.  It is the language of our country, and if you choose to live here you need to learn it, and use it.   I have the option of learning Spanish or French or Japanese, but this country’s native language is English and it’s not going to change.

  If I travelled to another country I would prepare in advance to speak that country’s native tongue.  I would hope that it would be passable so that I could read a menu or ask directions.  If I decided to move there I would definitely need to learn it to get through my day to day living and to get a job.   We are not helping those that have come to live in our country by embracing their country’s language.  Why did they come here if they don’t want to be American?  Think about it.  They could have gone to any other country, but chose ours.
   I love Mexican food.  I went to a Latino restaurant in Washington once and the food, atmosphere and hearing the beautiful language altogether in that setting was an awesome experience.  I am not the most well-rounded individual.  I do not travel the world as I’m sure a great many don’t.  Many things I am unsure of are probably mundane for most.  I grew up very sheltered and I still live in a sheltered world where real drugs and crime are just starting to infiltrate.  I still feel safe in my world, and sometimes I do ask myself if I’m racist. 

   I am sure of one thing though – that this country is a melting pot, still.  People come here to be free, to become American, to celebrate the Fourth of July and independence.  Old country customs are appreciated, we want to see and hear about them.  We don’t mind the accents; we just want to understand what is being said.  With all of that said, I just want Target to understand that they don’t need to cater to other countries, just the one they’re advertising in – America.  We speak English, Target.  We like your store and what you do – especially that you donate to good causes.  There are a lot of people that say they will boycott Target until they change their advertising.  I am not one of those people.

   I am afraid though.  I’m afraid that America is losing itself, that the melting pot will be used to pour a new mold and we will have to change and become another entity, and what will we lose to do that?


*I checked Facebook and read the posts on Target’s page and there’s a LOT of the “R” word going around there.  I just have to wonder if patriotism, and love for your country, is only allowed for war issues.  Because THAT is something I can’t come to terms with.