Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Wendy Williams/Amanda Bynes

   Last night as I was walking/running on my treadmill (I am not a perfect 10 by any means but I do try), I decided to watch the Wendy Williams show.  Dr. Phil was just getting me down and thought I'd try some fluff.  I don't normally watch Wendy.  I don't usually have time and I've never had the urge to actually sit down and watch.  That said, it gets boring on the treadmill and every little new thing helps. 

   Sooooooo, last night I'm running and she brings up Amanda Bynes.  She goes on and on about this poor girl and that something really is wrong with her.  She even brings on this guy from Radar online and has him talk about the situation.  Now I have read about Amanda a couple times in the last few weeks, about her getting arrested and crying abuse by the police.  Well, apparently she has shaved her head as well and is tweeting all the time about people who done her wrong or about people who tweet about her.  I don't tweet.  I've tried it, it's not my thing.  But anyway, Amanda is going through rough times.

   Wendy brings up Amanda's parents.  She says they live in LA, or somewhere in California and apparently they tweeted about their daughter's misfortune and how awful they feel about the situation and praying or whatever.  Then Wendy says, and I'm not quoting because I did not record the show and can't remember her exact words, if they (meaning Amanda's parents) really cared they would be in New York helping their daughter.  I'm guessing Amanda is estranged from her parents because of the not so nice tweets about her dad, but the point here is this - Amanda is a 27 year old adult.  She is not a child.  Her parents have probably had to deal with a ton of crap that they wouldn't have had to deal with had she not become famous.  Is it their fault she was on TV in the first place? Probably.  But in my opinion it is up to you and only you to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  You can say someone else made you do something, but it is up to you, really. 

   When I was 12 the neighbor boy and I went to an abandoned barn and threw rocks at the windows.  He dared me to do it.  I knew it was wrong but I did it anyway.  I had a crush on the kid and thought I'd get farther with him (I did).  The problem was, I knew what I did was wrong.  I felt guilty.  When the cops came around asking questions I confessed.  My parents were not responsible for what I did.  I was and I knew it and I WAS 12 YEARS OLD.  A 27 year old has no business blaming her parents.  

   And as for Wendy, she has no right to tell Amanda's parents that they are doing wrong by their daughter, that they don't really care.  Amanda Bynes is not the only child to act out, she's just in the spotlight.  So grow up Amanda and take responsibility for yourself, and Wendy, try not to judge those you don't know.  As my parent's used to say, "Try walking a mile in their shoes", and "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all".
Peace out.