Monday, June 17, 2013

Local Government Pisses on People Again

   Government at all levels is corrupt in some way.  I can’t be wrong in thinking that and I know I’m not the only one.  That said, I think our court system is in bed with our governments, whether they be local, regional or all encompassing.  It’s hard to trust an entity that insists you’re worth working for but treats you like crap.

   Where is this going? you ask.  Well, just recently in the paper there was an account regarding a couple who owned a building and were planning on opening up a restaurant there.  Next door to that building was a building that was falling down.  The county government said “Take it down!”, and they did, and in the process damaged this couple’s property. 

Well, not only did it damage their property but while they were trying to protest the demolition, the husband was locked up in a psych ward because he got on his roof and told them to stop.  The Sheriff issued orders for him to go.  The Sheriff, who apparently had some type of medical training.  Uhhh, no.  No, he didn’t.

   To top it off, this situation led to problems with the husband and wife, which resulted in a divorce.  They had at least one child and I think more, so it was made even harder for them.  These were regular people just trying to make a living and to hopefully leave something to their kids someday.  Someday didn’t come, though. 

   A lawsuit was started to get the County to own up to what they did and it took fourteen years to actually get to court.  This man had lost an opportunity to start a business that could’ve been handed down through the generations, he lost his wife and family life in a divorce, and then several years later his wife died.  Who knows if the actual loss of the building and her family hastened her demise? 

   The lawsuit was put in front of a judge and jury.  The settlement asked for was $1.25 million.  The jury decided that the County was in the wrong.  They awarded the plaintiff $5,000.  That’s 3% of what was requested.  He said it was a slap in the face and it was.  I really believe it was.  I wish they had moved the proceedings to a different county so it could be heard by those impartial to the county’s financial standings, because I have a feeling that the reason the jury awarded such a small amount is because they wanted the plaintiff to get something, but were afraid they would get stuck with a bill in the form of fees and taxes.  And they probably would have.

   I hope he appeals and requests a different venue, and I hope justice wins.